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593.3 PS / 727.4 Nm (Original: 320 PS / 441 Nm)


Friday, November 14th 2008 around 11:00PM we set a new mark with 504.3 RWHP through stock twins.

The engine is fully built but the twins are the ORIGINAL 13! year old ones - 100% unmodified - no changed/ported housing, no different wheels.


We made the power at 21PSI (1.45bar) on 100 (US) Oct!

Dyno was a Dynapack - freshly calibrated. The gear-ratio is the result of using a AT differential with a 6speed transmission.


Below are the graphs for proof :)






With 15% drivetrain-loss that is an incredible 593.3 HP - an increase of 273 HP / 85% over factory rating!


We would've been able to squeeze out another 10HP but at 11PM everyone wanted to go home... our goal was to hit the magic 5xx :)



BIG thanks goes out to:


Raymond Enoki - engine & some custom stuff

Blast Racing/HKS / Mr. Wakita - VPro-tuning & some custom stuff

BisiMoto - Dyno